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Champion of Choices empowers students to make positive choices and has presented the popular “Choices” production at more than 1300 schools worldwide to more than half-a-million people. Serious issues such as bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse and suicide are presented in a way that touches listeners at a “heart level.” Students are inspired to treat themselves and others with respect, dream big, achieve goals, and cherish relationships. Champion of Choices’ compelling message evokes personal reflection, laughter and tears, and also instills HOPE. Students and faculty describe the “Choices” presentation as life changing.




Founded in 1998 by Rivers Hatchett-Teske, Hidden Choices, Inc. seeks to help save the unborn child while empowering the teen mother in
making choices for life, not only for her child, but for her own. It does this by consulting nationwide and abroad with directors and founders of
maternity homes, safe residences for pregnant and trafficked women, community leaders, healthcare providers, clergy, churches and synagogues, social workers, law enforcement agencies, and adoption organizations. Hidden Choices is committed to serving the mother, the child and the community. Our common goals of reducing teen pregnancy are:
1. Education
2. Building Self Esteem
3. Effective Mentoring Programs
4. Community Involvement
“Crisis pregnancy is a serious societal issue and one that all of us need to address. We can do that by supporting organizations that work on behalf
of teen mothers and children, and by making sure that we are tireless in our commitment to help promote programs that can help young women,”
says Teske. “Hidden Choices believes that if you save one life, itʼs as if you have saved the world!” The Quick Start Manual to Open a Maternity Home is a comprehensive guide available for free for any individual or organization wishing to belong to the Maternity Home Association (MHA). Contact us today at
Mission For Orphans is a non-profit, grassroots organization reaching out, touching the lives of orphans, street children and victims of human trafficking.
Our purpose is to rescue children that are trapped in extreme poverty, abandoned, abused, and forced into child labor. There are over one hundred forty million orphans worldwide and over two hundred million children are in child labor. It is estimated half of the children are involved in the worst kind of forced child labor, such as child prostitution, hard labor in mines and stone quarries, etc.